Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lost Tooth!

Something exciting finally happened lastnight at the Perry Household. Jackson lost his third tooth. It has been loose for a while, but he would not let me pull it. Lauren, poor thing, wants to lose a tooth so bad. She has been saying for two months that she has a loose tooth. Of course, she doesn't and I have explained to her several times that she will and that she is trying to grow up too fast! Lastnight when Jackson put his tooth under his pillow, Lauren had found a broken piece of peppermint that was shaped like a tooth and put it under her pillow too because she wanted the tooth fairy to visit her too. Broke my heart! I hugged and kissed her and told her that her time was coming soon. I love the first picture of Jackson, he looks like a cartoon or something!

Anyway, after all the tooth drama, I was laying on my bed reading Breaking Dawn and Ringo comes in. There was an US Weekly magazine laying there and I guess he thought it was trying to attack him. It was HILARIOUS! To me anyway! I have posted the video below, it takes a minute to get to the funny part. The video is appropriately titled Ringo vs. US Weekly! haha
P.S. Sorry it is so dark, I only had a lamp on and didn't want to scare him by turning the overhead light on!



Dena said...

Poor Lauren. I see this a lot with Will & Caleb (Britt & Tanya's two kids - my nephiews). They are really close in age, and the younger one just doesn't understand why he can't do the same things as the older one.

And, I love the Ringo video!! I laughed out loud!!!! Cats are so funny!!! :o)

Dena said...

Oh crap. I forgot to say how CUTE Jackson is in the top picture!!!!! He DOES look like a cartoon! :o) He's a really cute little man, Heather! I love his blonde, BLONDE hair!!!!!!

Maury said...

Jackson is so cute!! His smile is always so happy!! I know he was so excited to lose that tooth! Poor Lauren!! Rachel is going through that same thing....watching bro and sis lose teeth! Lauren is so funny trying to be sneaky!