Saturday, May 31, 2008


Ok, so I send a fax over to our local paper on Wednesday with an ad for our house to be printed in the Classifieds for this next week. The next morning, I have a phone call before I go to work with someone being interested in our house and they want to come look at it. Yesterday, they came and looked at it and say they are very interested. This afternoon, they call and say they want it and will go to the bank on Monday. How's that for super fast? It hasn't even come out in the paper yet! I wondered how the guy knew about it and found out yesterday it is because he works at the paper and saw the fax come through. He and his wife and I went to school together. He is a year younger than me and she is a year older than me. They are super sweet and have two little ones...a girl and a boy. Kinda weird because that is exactly how the rooms are set up. So, now I'm freaking because we haven't found a house yet. I called the realtor about the house that I posted about below and someone has made an offer already (not in writing though) and they are going to their bank on Monday. And thank you goes out to Rosjuane for letting me know about a house on the Pine Bluff highway. We drove by, but couldn't tell exactly which one was their's. I believe it is a grayish two story. I am still in love with my friend, Debbi's old house on North Bradley, but the people that are living there just bought it last year for $205,000 and are trying to sell it for $239,000! They didn't even do anything to it! The house across from that one is also for sale and is huge! It is 3202 sq. feet but they want too much for it too. Plus, the Pecan Grove (i.e. the whole front yard) is not for sale with the house, it still belongs to the previous owner, Scott Richardson. If anyone hears of anything else kinda out, please let me know because I am definately in freak out mode!


Debbi said...

1. way to go for selling the house so fast, it's supposed to be a buyers market, not sellers, to that is great. my sister is having the same thing, her house sold in 2 weeks and now they have to hurry and find a new place and they need 5 bedrooms because of the 4 kids! crazy and hard to find here. anyway, way to go!
2. i don't know what to tell you for the house hunt, i wish i could remember more places.
3. i can't wait to read the new chapter too, i'm re-reading twlight now, it's so good i forget!

Rosjuane said...

It is the two story gray house. Your welcome. I'm not sure how much they want or anything and I know they were working on it. But you could give them a call. They are super nice.

eRiCa said...

holy cow that was fast! It's a buyers and seller's market depending on where you live so I've heard from a ton of my realtor friends so you must be in an area that has both. so crazy that it sold that fast. I'd be super stressed trying to find some place. I think you should take your time if you have a place to rent for a while and not jump into a house you will regret later because you were rushed to get out of the one you're in now. Anyway, that's my two cents! Either way i'll be keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and the way that you want...what a fun time for you guys (stressful yes, but so fun!).