Thursday, May 15, 2008

10 Years

These pictures were the first I grabbed. They are not just senior year, but most are of me and Debbi and I found one with Kristy in it too since you guys are the only ones from school that read my blog!! The one in the middle says it all for my charisma in high school. I was happy go lucky and loved to act silly. It was taken in Debbi's room with her crown and trophy from winning Junior Miss Buck Fever! haha

My dreams and goals as written in my Senior book:

Education: I plan to go to college and earn a Bachelor of Science Degree --- Nope, got two years behind me, but that's it.

Career: I plan to be a computer programmer --- Nope, I work at the local hospital helping indigent patients receive help with their medications

Family: In ten years I plan to have at least 2 children --- CHECK!!

Home: Maybe Chris and I will have built a house --- Nope, but we bought a house in 2000 when we got married and still live in it.

Car: Hopefully I'll have something nice --- Well, yeah, I like my ol' Tahoe

Class Data:

Class colors: Orange and Black

Class motto: "Whatever!"

Class flower: Red Rose

Class Sponsor: Mr. Griffin and Mrs. George

Class President: Brooke Pennington

Class Vice President: Jaye West

Class Secretary: Lorri Hays

Class Treasurer: Latoya Tate

Class Reporter: Heather Chapman (that's me!)

I am copying off of Debbi and posting about how today is exactly ten years since we graduated. As I sit here and write this, we were actually on the football field receiving our diplomas. What is ironic is that it is raining right now and we were so worried we would have graduation in the Cultural Center with no room because of the threat of rain that night. It was humid and mosquitos were abound. I remember not being able to hear a thing that the speakers of night said as it echoed throughout the open field. I was not only upset because of the end of a wonderful life spent with my classmates (I loved the social aspect of school so much), but also because my boyfriend at the time (and husband now) would not come to my graduation. And..while my friends were leaving that night for Panama City or Destin, Florida, I was heading home. I went on my senior trip to Las Vegas two weeks later. I loved my Vegas trip, but would have liked to have gone to Florida also. So heres to the Warren High School Lumberjacks Class of 1998!!!

**See the bottom left pic of Debbi, Erica!! That face reminds of me of the pic of Gage!**


Debbi said...

Heather you crack me up! I love it and the pictures! What a great post!

eRiCa said...

loved this post and that picture is totally a GAGE face!! :)

chandra said...

That is such a fun post. I loved reading about you and debbi's 10 year goals. Ten years just flies by. This year marks my 15 years since I graduated!