Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Graduation and a Party

Yesterday was Lauren's birthday party (her bday is May 23rd, but I figured with the holiday weekend, I better do it this weekend!) and her preschool graduation. We were up bright and early and had a full day ahead. My mom came up from Louisiana and we headed to her school. Jackson and his dad stayed behind to get ready for the party. I posted a video of Lauren singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider with her class. I don't know how to make it upright. :) After the party was over, we ordered pizza and had an ordeal. Our Pizza Hut is CRAZY! I order the food, wait 30 minutes, go to get it and watched the lady give one of my pizza's to a group dining in. I was giving her the benefit of the doubt and praying that I had mine already ready to go...but no, sure enough it was my pizza and they said I could wait another 30 minutes for another one. Nope, didn't have time for that since I was hosting a birthday party in 30 minutes! They gave me a $27 credit and told me to come back soon. HA! They do this crap all the time. Anyway, so I go to Sonic and it was $27 there. Ridiculous! Anyway, I posted a slide of Lauren's birthday party and even a picture of Jackson in Lauren's Hannah Montana gear. His dad was so proud. Haha....definately one for blackmail one day.


Debbi said...

Fun! I wish I could have been there for the party too - so my inernet connection isn't the best here in utah - just so you know, so I might not comment as often. I just didn't want you thinking I didn't like ya or anything :) ahah! love ya!

chandra said...

Such a darling little girl! And Boy!! HAHA