Monday, May 19, 2008

New Old Kids on the Block

Up front, I want everyone to know I am totally for the New Kids Reunion because I was in LOVE with them. I just feel bad for them if they think they are going to get a new, younger audience because I don't feel it will happen. It will be us 25 - 40 year olds that are at their concerts. As you can tell by the clip below from the Today show on Friday, it is mostly older girls/women! haha Still can't help but love 'em! haha

Back in the day:


chandra said...

Thanks for posting this clip! I didn't get to see it. You already know I am with you on this one. They still look really cute!!!

Jenny Sipes said...

thank you for your support on my blog!! i am usually not that spoken until it gets to the point where i get mad!! i am just sick of her and her friends thinking that everyone wants to be like them....we dont i assure you......i dont know anyone that would want to someone like that!! anyway thank you again for all you said it really mean alot!! cant wait to start bowling again!! love ya girl

Maury said...

Ha ha..I was a big NKOTB fan...but I have to say I was cracking up to watch them all dancing together!