Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Thoughts

Sorry for the lack of posting and thanks, Robin, for checking on me!! I just have had some very uneventful weeks and nothing to comment about really. Which is good in a way, because I sure do not want anything negative to happen!!
I really want a Wii Fit, but am having a terrible time in finding one! They have been sold out everywhere I look, even online. I looked at ebay, but those folks are smoking something, because they are WAY overcharging. I can wait, I suppose unless someone knows somewhere I can get one ASAP? :)
My hubby went to the doc yesterday (1st time he's been since we have been together-12 years). He was really hurting and I kept telling him it was a pinched nerve as it started in his back and went down his left leg. Come to find out, he has a bulging disc which is pinching a nerve and his blood pressure was 176/102. Not good. So he came out of there with a medicine to help with nerve pain, a blood pressure medicine and a med for his high triglycerides, which was in the 400's and they are suppose to be 53-104. He's 31 and smokes. The doc didn't even tell him to quit smoking, or so he says. He's not overweight either.
I'm tired of the cold and rainy weather here. Can't wait for the 70 something degree weather to start again!
We are in the process of mini landscaping the house. Mind you, this is all going to be done by myself and Chris, so hopefully it will look ok. Anything to get a little character to our outside. I wish you could by bushes and what-not full grown!! I'm impatient! haha I will take and post pictures when I have it done.
Hope everyone has a GREAT St. Patrick's Day!!


Laken said...

Glad you are back! Are you still going to do Tinseltown Tuesdays?

RADstitches said...

Glad you are ok! I would pinch you because I am sure you don't have green on today either! LOL

Family Scads said...

I love my Wii fit! I am seriously addicted to it (when I am home that is). You have to get one...but don't be offended when it says that you lose or gain weight, or when it tells you what weight category you are in. I have to remind myself about that everyday or else I will throw the thing outside the window! Oh, Walmart online has them in stock. That is the best place to get them because they will send it to your local store.

Thanks so much for all of your kind comments. I love reading your blog...especially your celeb gossip. I am always a sucker for that!


RADstitches said...

Oh, and BTW. I got our Wii Fit at our WM. I will keep an eye out for you if you want. They had 2 the day that I got mine. The only thing Avery hates is the fact that she makes this horrible moan when you get on board. Avery goes.. she makes me think that I am FAT! LOL

bowling1 said...

Just had neck surgery to remove a bulging disc between C5 and C6. Dr. Steven Cathey in NLR did the procedure and I totally recommend him. He also did Cindy Hudgens (Matt's mom) surgery a few years back.

Tell Chris I feel for him but know it can get better! OH...the bowling sure doesn't help...