Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Weekend

Now that the moving has settled, we just layed back and enjoyed the weekend. On Thursday, we got the last remains of our items from the house, which was our swing set and water hose. Yes, my mother in law wanted the water hose! Although, it is one of those really good, long, rubbery ones. I took one last pic of our house for keepsake purposes.
Friday, we went out to eat and rode over to our land to see it since Chris and his dad bush hogged it. Saturday, we went to Walmart, rented movies, ate at El Palacio and went swimming. I took some pics of Lauren posing in her bathing suit with my sunglasses on. She's so goofy!

I got my hair cut also and Lauren wanted to take a self pic of us. Excuse my no makeup self!

Today, I am going to take the plans to the blue print man, Lamar Hunter. Thanks Corie! We are picking the deed up today with our names on it and getting in contact with the contractor and let him know what is going on and where we stand in the process. Big Brother 10 started lastnight!! SO EXCITED!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Debbi said...

wow, sounds like a fun busy weekend. What movies did you watch? Love the Lauren pictures - I want to see more of your haircut, the little I can see looks cute! Good luck with the blueprint man!

I need to post something with interesting picture - I'm in a summer slump I guess. argh.

Jenny Sipes said...

You guys had a very busy weekend!

I love all your pics! Miss talking to ya! Jadyn and I will have to make a trip a warren and hang out one day!

RADstitches said...

You know we need before and after haircut pictures!!!!

Laken said...

You all's house was so cute. I bet you are sad to be leaving it,but even more excited about the new one!!!!!! You sure did have a busy weekend, and I thought that was a cute pic of you with no makeup!

Maury said...

I like your hair cut, it is cute! And I love that pic of you and look great without makeup! I also like her bathing suit....I tried to get Leah to pick that one out!

Looking at your house picture kinda makes me sad....