Thursday, July 10, 2008

Help Needed!

Does anyone know someone that can draw up blueprints locally? It doesn't matter if it is a company or an individual, just someone that can draw them up.
Notice the blueprint I used is of the Batmobile! :)


Debbi said...

i don't know anyone, but good luck with the batmobil - ahaha! love it

Anonymous said...

Lamar Hunter in Wilmar. I only know that because I see the signs on the side of the road. HA! I want my wedding on your calendar and I am still mad b/c you gave me new neighbors-it sucks! LOL


The Perry Family said...

Cool, thanks Corie! I have never seen that sign before! Sorry about the calendar....I'm a dumb a! It's on there now though and I know, I'm still "upset" too! She would not even say hi to me yesterday when we came to get the swing set and water hose. Heffer! I just want to tell them to leave MY house alone!!

Anonymous said...

I think Ray Pascal here in Monticello does.

Anne-Marie said...

the batmobile is definitely a nice touch! good luck

bowling1 said...

Is it house blue prints you are needing? If so I would recommend Ray Pascall here in Monticello. He is listed in the phone back as Ray & Misty. If you call him just let him know that Karen Caldwell @ SeaArk gave you his name and number.

Good Luck!!!