Thursday, March 13, 2008

Swap Time!!

I couldn't wait any longer. We haven't done a swap in some time and I'm busting at the seams! haha So, the swap I am putting together is a Spring Swap!

There is no maximum to what you can send to your swap partner that reminds you and them of spring. Just shoot me an email at with your 5 favorite things from Spring along with your mailing address, email address and blog address if you have one, by Wednesday, March 19th.

All you have to do is send at least one thing that reminds your partner of Spring and one thing that reminds you of Spring. You can send more if you wish.

The deadline is to have them mailed to your partner by March 27th.

Happy Swapping!


Debbi said...

cool idea, I'll have to think about some spring stuff and email you!

Anne-Marie said...

how fun! I'm going to post about your swap on my blog! :)

eRiCa said...

oh man...I just told bret i wouldn't do a swap for a while...I just sent out 2 package this last week for spring and easter swaps I participated time for sure!

hogwildinmountaineercountry said...

I'll have to think about it. I still haven't gotten my stuff from the New Year's Swap. Matt is pointing out that we need to curb our spending and start saving for our honeymoon. I think I'm going dress shopping tomorrow. Wish you were here to go with me.