Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jackson's Tooth

Jackson lost his second tooth yesterday. It was an ordeal pulling this one. I guess because last time he didn't know what to expect and this time he was worried. After it was pulled, he never cried or anything, but was excited! We absolutely HAD to pull it because the permanent tooth was growing behind it and I didn't even know it. I have never seen that before. The tooth fairy came and went and left him a whoping $2.00! haha

I also let him take a few pictures and these are what he took. They are of Lauren eating a grape popsicle.


Laken said...


Debbi said...

great job on the tooth and the pictures! I can't believe we have kids old enough for stuff like this - sometimes it just blows my mind

Maury said...

I can imagine it could be an ordeal. I know that I used to freak out about having my tooth pulled, and I KNOW that when Leah starts losing teeth, it will be a huge ordeal for her too! I have been lucky that Noah will just let me yank and yank! When I pulled his top tooth, I just wrapped my arm around his head for leverage and yanked hard! I was surprise at how much he will let me do.

I know Jackson was so excited, and I bet you were just as excited for him!! He did a good job taking Lauren's pics....I love photos from kid's perspective!

You asked about my photography blog...yes, we still have it. We were considering doing away with it, and that is why I unlinked it....but we have been posting again...If last you saw was Jan 9th, then there is a lot to see!!!

Dena said...

Congrats, Jackson!! Way to go! You look so cute with your snaggle tooth!! And, I love the pictures of Lauren that Jackson took! Those are always the best!!!

jenny said...

These are so cute!!! Jadyn Cooper loves her popsicles!!