Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Bachelor

I don't know if I am late or what, but last week when Shayne said that she was an actors daughter, I wanted to look that up because there was something so familiar about her. I tried and tried and tried to find his pic from when he played the "dumb jock" in the movie Grease because it looks so much like her, but her dad is Lorenzo Lamas. hmmmm....She has played on General Hospital several times and has been in a couple of movies. Seems like more of a publicity stunt than wanting to find true love. Anywho, have a great Tuesday!


eRiCa said...

i can't believe he kept her...she totally BUGS! and it's so obvious she's on their for other reasons....me no likey!!

Debbi said...

I'm not really loving him or any of the girls this year either - I can't figure out what he is looking for he keeps random girls and is kinda strange. not sure I'll watch this whole season.