Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lauren's Birthday

Saturday was Lauren's birthday and her party was supposed to be at the city park. Unfortunately, it started to rain an hour before her party and didn't let up until that night, so we had to have the party at Mazzio's here in town. It was a disappointment, but I think the kids had fun.
Here's the cake that Tiffany made. So cute and soooo yummy! Thanks, Tiffany!
Lauren enjoying her cupcake.
Jackson taking a break to eat a piece of cake.
Lauren and the girls from her class:

She had a great day and thanks to everyone that came to the party or called to tell her Happy Birthday and Thanks, Kristy for the gift!! She got it on Saturday, we just haven't slowed down enough for her to call yet, but we will!


Laken said...

What a bummer!! I hate that it rained! Love the cake and your adorable daughter looks like she has a blast!!

hogwildinmountaineercountry said...

Tell Lauren she is welcome. Sorry it was so cheesy. I wish Brecken and I could have been there to celebrate with you.