Thursday, June 4, 2009

Graduation & Vacation!

Lauren graduated from Kindergarten Monday morning. She was so excited and sad at the same time. She had a great teacher this year. Jackson also had an awards ceremony that morning after her graduation. It was definately a busy day!
Here's the Class of 2021: (doesn't that sound mucho weird???)

Lauren received a trophy for Perfect Attendance for the whole year, she also had all A's this quarter, honor roll for the year, Citizenship Club for the year and Numberjack awards!

Jackson received awards for being a Handy Handwriter and Perfect Attendance. He did wonderful this year...a vast improvement. He had all A's except for his math and that is what held him off the honor roll. Go Jackson!

Thanks to Maury and Brian (Dena's hubby) for recommending places to stay in Gulf Shores. We have picked this one. It is in the Phoenix I. Not the most beautiful place, but hey...who says we will be in the room very much!? haha I'm soooooo excited for the kids to see the beach! This will be our first official family vacation. I can't wait!


Maury said...

I think you will enjoy the feel of the condo for the vacation...especially having the washer/dryer, that is my favorite part with all that sand and wet stuff! I also like not being all on top of each other like in a hotel room!

Perfect attendance? WOW!!! Congrats to mom and dad on that one too! I could never make it!

Yay to the kiddos for their awards!

Dena said...

CONGRATULATIONS Lauren & Jackson on your awards!!! YAY!!! :o)

CONGRATULATIONS Heather on your first family vacation!!!!!! Whoo-hoooo!!! You're going to have a great time! We love it there, and usually make a trip once a year to one of the Phoenix properties. You have to try The Crab Trap - like going towards Florida on the same road the Phoenix's are on. The kids get sand buckets and shovels with their meal and they have the best crab legs EVER! I should know...that's my most favorite thing in the world to eat! Have an awesome time and take lots of pictures! I'm so jealous!!!!!

Debbi said...

heather, i am a slacker friend! when is/was your vacation? I can't believe your kids are graduating! hehe. they are awesome, I hope you guys are doing great - I think a family vacation will be so much fun!

Debbi said...

I will only tell you where the stools came from if you blog again :) haha. J/k miss bevfund...I got them off craigslist. When are you going to blog again? Come on, farmtown on facebook can't be that great, can it? I guess I don't know because I've never done it. I promise I will comment again if you blog:)

Debbi said...

I need to call you - I just saw your FB status - well, was that yesterday? anyway, you need to blog about this or email me the story!!!!!!

Dena said... I'm worried. Email me - What's going on with Jackson? Are you ok? Love to you!