Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Week

New Moon Movie Poster:

Hope everyone is doing okay. I think most of us have slacked off on posting. It's so easily done considering time always seems to get by me. It has been a whirlwind the past of couple of weeks, that's for sure. In addition to the time slip, I have been uploading my pictures to my laptop at home and for some reason, the pictures aren't wanting to post to blogger. Very weird. So I have to go ahead and upload them to snapfish and copy them to my computer at work to even post...I have to admit, I am rather lazy..ha

Here is the picture of my rings. The main one in the middle is my engagement ring and if you squint and look really hard, you can see the teeny tiny thing that is considered my wedding band. So, I went and had these two bands put on each side of my existing ring. What do ya think? I likey! :)

The week started off with Lauren losing her very first tooth!

Lauren had her first real dance recital on Saturday. She had an informal one at Christmas, but this was full on with costumes and everything. It was very chaotic. She had practice everyday last week after school and on Friday was suppose to have pictures done, the photographer never showed up and the location that we were to have those done and do the dress rehersal was double booked by the mayor's office, so we got booted out. So, on Saturday morning, we had dress rehersal at 10 a.m. and then had pictures at 6 p.m. and recital at 7. Whew! I was glad for it to all be over, but sad in that it was something Lauren loves to do and she won't get to do it again until school starts in August. It was a Disney themed recital and the first song was Sebastian from The Little Mermaid singing Hot, Hot, Hot. So cute! The second song was Everybody wants to be a Cat from the Aristocats movie (not my fave). She did a GREAT job and we are very proud of her. She will turn 6 on Saturday...where has time gone? She is my baby!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!


Maury said...

I really "likey" your ring too!!

Yay for Lauren losing her 1st tooth....and Jackson so funny with his toothless grin beside her!!

She looked so cute in her dance recital uniform, so glad she enjoys that.

Jenny Sipes said...

I love your rings! They are beautiful!

Lauren lost her first tooth huh! Congrats to her!

Cute dance outfit

{Erica} said...

love the ring! The new bands you have on yours looks like the ones I have on mine. I bet you can't stop looking at your ring now :)

p.s. getting caught up on everyone's blogs takes forever!