Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekend Travels

This past weekend, we went to Springdale for Chris' annual arrowhead show that he likes to go to. I go to shop in Rogers at the WONDERFUL Pinnacle Hills Promenade Mall. LOVE IT!!! I racked up on a lot of great deals, especially at Limited Too since they are going to be Justice now. I was able to get Lauren 6 different things for only $28.00. Crazy. Anyway, on our journey up there, I couldn't help but take some pics!
Here's Chris driving, not wanting me to take his picture:
Who is John Paul Hammerschmidt and why is there an interstate named after him...and what kind of name is Hammerschmidt anyway? Was he teased in school?
This license plate from Louisiana reads "DASRITE". haha What's he right about?
I just think this tunnel is cool...I need to start collecting pictures of tunnels, like the one in Mobile...where are there others? Anyone know?

On a sad note, I'm not sure what happened to Ms. Bobbie's son, but Ms. Bobbie, if you are reading this, I'm very sorry for your loss and am praying for you! Love you!

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Maury said...

I think there may be a tunnel in Dallas? Can't remember. That one in Mobile always freaks me out. I always think of Princess Diana when we go in there...and also the movie Daylight...where the tunnel colapses and people are trapped.