Friday, February 20, 2009


So, Sunday evening Lauren says she is sooooo sleepy and she can't even hold her head up. Considering that her and Jackson were up at 6 a.m. and ready for the day that morning, I figured it was from that. We got to my mother in law's and play cards. She stays on the couch the whole time and eventually gives in to the sleep around 4:30. At 7:30, she wakes up and throws up. I'm thinking great, stomach favorite! So we leave, she sleeps the whole way home. We get home, give her a bath, make her a palet (sp?) in the floor of our room and she goes back to sleep. The kids are out of school on Monday and I stay home with them, still thinking she has the stomach virus. She never gets out of her pajamas. All she does is lay on the couch or my bed watching tv. She eats a grilled cheese for super around 5, gets a bath and goes to bed. Tuesday morning, she wakes up..acts fine, send her to school. Tuesday evening, acts fine but not much of an appetite. Wednesday morning..acts fine..Wednesday evening, sleeps the whole way home, won't eat supper, sleeps on the couch when we get home until I have her get a bath and then she goes back to bed. Yesterday morning, wake her up and she is fine again. I still call the doctor because something is going on with my little one! They want her to come in after school and get swabbed for the flu. GREAT! Anyway, Jackson has an eye doctor appointment, so I get my mother in law to meet me at the eye doctor so she can stay with him while I take Lauren to get swabbed. Lauren has had the flu twice in her life already and she is only five. So, low and behold...the child has the flu! Not just one strain, but two strains...A and B!! I never knew you could have two strains at one time!! The first I had heard of this was my nephew last week had both strains in addition to strep throat and an ear infection! We have not been around him if anyone's wondering. The doc says I need to get start getting her a flu shot. What's the point? The flu shot didn't even work this year, nor has the Tamiflu. Of course, Lauren is already over the worst we think of the flu and Tamiflu wasn't an option for her anyway as it is only effective if you start it the first two days of the flu. I never would have thought the flu with Lauren anyway because the two times before, she spiked a fever of 102.9 and that was her only symptom. This time, not but a 99.9 fever and nothing but sleeping.


Maury said...

Hmm...that is all very weird. Seems like with her having 2 strands she would have had more severe symptoms...(it is great she didn't though)

My kids are all sick this week. Really high fever, and now they are slowly starting to throw up. Now I am wondering if they may have the flu.

Laken said...

Oh, no. That is very odd. I hope she gets to feeling better!!!

Debbi said...

argh! How frustrating and sad. although I'm kinda glad I don't live close, because most likely I would be over there hanging out all the time and get the darn thing from you guys ;) hope she gets feeling better and everyone is good soon!