Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tinseltown Tuesday

Not much is going on as far as entertainment news goes.
I'm sure you have all heard that someone has been arrested for trying to extort $20 million from John Travolta due to his son's death.
The SAG awards were Sunday night and Heath Ledger won again for Best Supporting Actor. Sean Penn and Meryl Streep won for Best Actor/Actress and that Slumdog Millionaire won again for Best Picture.
Survivor starts again on February 12th. The new apprentice starts March 1st and the new Dancing with the Stars starts in February sometime.
Due to having Twilight withdrawals (yes, still), I started reading Stephenie's other book, The Host. So far, so good...I'm only on chapter six. What did everyone that has read that one think about it?
Bachelor News:
I'm glad he went ahead and got rid of the three. That Meghan was sure getting on my nerves and Lauren and her wanting a kiss thing was annoying and don't get me started on Crazy Shannon again. haha I'm routing for Melissa or Jillian, but more Melissa. I just can't get around to liking Molly much. Any thoughts? I can't wait to see the footage with Deanna on there. The more I think about it, I'm sure it is just for her opinion on the girls or something like that. Who knows.


Debbi said...

ok - 1. the host, I need to read it again and give it another shot, I read it when I had my gall bladder surgery and didn't really enjoy it as much as twilight. it was ok, took me a long time to get into....
2. bachelor, I was very glad he got rid of all 3, that one girl was so bossy! plus, that is not fair to keep someone around if he already knows there is nothing there.

3. hope you are having a good tuesday - we are out again while they spray and all this time I should be packing...argh. oh well.

miss ya and wish we could hang out!

hogwildinmountaineercountry said...

You need to add to your calendar that on March 18, Brecken Hurd will be making her debut into the world! (or at least she will be here by then, hopefully sooner :)

ashley said...

I am pulling for Melissa! I am also glad he got rid of the other 3 last night. I thought that clip of Lauren singing at the end was interesting. Maybe that is what she was all about.