Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tinseltown Tuesday

Hope everyone is having a great week! Nothing exciting is happening with the Perry household.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel got married last week.

Gisele and Tom Brady are engaged.

Jennifer Garner finally gave birth last week to a baby girl.

Howie Mandel has been hospitalized for an irregular heartbeat.

Mariska Hargitay of Law and Order:SVU suffered a partially collapsed lung over the holidays and it collapsed again yesterday. The cause is unknown.

Patrick Swayze was hospitalized on January 9th due to pneumonia. He is also suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Slumdog Millionaire was the big winner at the Golden Globes on Sunday night and Heath Ledger won Best Supporting Actor for his roll in The Dark Knight.
This season on The Celebrity Apprentice, we will have the following stars:
Andrew Dice Clay, Tom Green, Dennis Rodman, Khole Kardashian, Joan & Melissa Rivers, Clint Black, Annie Duke (professional poker player), Natalie Gulbis, Scott Hamilton, Jesse James (Sandra Bullock's hubby), Claudia Jordan (Deal or No Deal model), Brian McKnight, Brande Roderick, Hershel Walker and TBoz (from the group TLC, remember them?)

Bachelor News:
Lastnight was a good episode I thought. It still amazes me how catty women can be. Last season, most of the guys were buddies and hanging out having a good time and women just get all beside themselves. I liked Jillian from the very first episode but I didn't figure he would be into her that much, but after lastnight, it looks like my girl may have a chance. She seems sweet and seems to have a good personality and not as dramatic as the others. Molly still has a chance, but she got on my nerves lastnight. It's kinda like she would be one of those that is just doing this to get on tv and be "popular". Stephanie seems to be really sweet, but she looks rather high maintenance. What is with the eyebrows and are those cheek implants? Just wondering. I do feel bad for her though and I like her. Any thoughts?
P.S. Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical's Gabriella for those of you who don't have kiddos and don't know about the HSM hoopla) has auditioned for the role of Leah Clearwater in the New Moon movie. I so hope she doesn't get it. I can't picture her in this beloved story. What are they going to do next, let Zac (aka, Troy) be one of the other werewolves?


Debbi said...

whatever happened to that show las vegas - that guy at the top was in it, and I liked it, it must have got canceled during the strike because it never came back.

I watched half of the bachelor last night, it was ok. they are mean girls, I agree. I don't really have a favorite yet. Wade was watching and couldn't figure out why he was keeping some of the girls, but it was the ones that were moms. I told him if something happened to me what would he do - pick someone who could be a good mom (like someone who already was one), or pick a hootchie mama, immature girl....he just looked at me and laughed...I guess he was thinking hootchie mama. haha.

I felt bad for the girl who had to leave because of her grandma, but at least she did leave, it's shows character. And I am glad they are bringing that one girls daughter on the show so she can see her on her birthday.

Laken said...

Wow - SO much info! You are good! Thanks! I love the Bachelor this season! My pick is Melissa from TX.. Second pick is Jillian.. And I like Kari. Haha! What is the celebrity apprentice?? Never heard of it but seen some interesting names on the cast list.