Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tinseltown Tuesday

We officially have a new prez! I have to say that although Bush pretty much sucked as a president, it was sad seeing him leave for the last time. I can only imagine the job these guys have to do. Not for me, that's for sure!

Bachelor News:
I'm still for Team Jillian. I know he has a connection with Molly, but I just don't like her for some reason. Melissa is growing on me. Stephanie's date was GREAT, but I don't think she has a future with Jason. The Shannon girl HAS GOT to go. If not for his sanity's sake, then for mine! haha He probably would have gotten rid of her lastnight if she hadn't pulled the whole throwing up thing. Thoughts?

I might would have more for Tinseltown, but Debbi has me consumed in blurbing my blog and it sure does take a whole lot of time!! :)


Debbi said...

it takes a while, but is worth it, I hope it works, I know a couple people who have had problems with it (but more have got it work than not)

anyway, I like stephenie on the bachelor, I can't ever remember the other girls names. I think it was fun to see her date, how many outfits did that little girl wear though? What was up with that?

hope you are having a good tuesday:)

Maury said...

I was wondering what was going on in Bush's mind today...if I were him, I would be thinking...."THANK GOD that's over! Now I am free" LOL I don't know how anyone could ever want that job.

ashley said...

I like Melissa! I think Stephanie is great, but I don't see them with a romantic connection. I am with you on Shannon though. I would have gotten rid of her the first night when she did the whole thing about knowing every detail of his family. That was too strange to me. I am also ready for Megan to go. She really aggravates me.

I am with Maury about Bush. Don't you know he will sleep well tonight. You know they have to be wondering what in the world they will do now. How do you go back to a somewhat normal life after being President?!?!?