Monday, December 17, 2007

Weddings and Snapshots

Jackson was in a wedding on Saturday. He was the ring bearer and loved every minute of it. After the rehearsal he kept telling everyone that he got to walk with a girl! haha She was 8, so she was an older woman! haha He did very well during the wedding and held the pillow the entire time and never complained until after the wedding when they were doing pictures. Anyway, I have been to several weddings and the ring bearer is normally throwing the pillow around or acting silly, but my baby just stood there and stared at Wesley (Kristy's brother, the groom). Go Jackson! haha Here are some pics and I threw in one at the top that I took of the kids before the rehearsal.

Look at my little boy looking all grown up!

Getting ready to go down the aisle.

Aren't they cute? Already escorting the ladies!

Tired of taking pictures!! He wanted some cake!

Jackson loves him some Ki Ki!


chandra said...

What a handsome boy you have! He looks so cute. That was probably such a fun day.

Debbi said...

You are right, he does look so grown up and handsome!

Maury Draper said...

I am proud he did a good job!! That is a tough job for the little ones, and a long day! He looked so handsome!

I love the pic of Lauren and Jackson!

hogwildinmountaineercountry said...

I think my boobs are going to pop out any moment!! I can't wait to see Denny's pics from the wedding. Glad I got to see you guys...I miss ya'll!