Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost Disappointment

For those of you that watch Lost, I would like to know your thoughts on the series finale.... I know the "lost folks" can't make everyone happy, but I, for one, was very disappointed. I have read that the island stuff really happened and that eventually everyone at the end had died and the LA scenes from the flash sideways were their purgatory. What I wanted to happen was that everyone gets off the island before it sank into the ocean and the island never was and so oceanic flight 815 had landed safely and electromagnetism had erased their memories and everyone was still alive and happy and they eventually remember what happened on the island and lived happily ever after! (Biggest run-on sentence in history there, I know! ha) But, this was not the case.... I cried for like 30 minutes after it went off (Crazy, I know). My hubby kept laughing at me, of course, but I explained to him that this was MY show and I didn't want MY peeps to be dead! ha Anyway, just wanted to put that out there.....


Debbi said...

Besides being disappointed about having to stay up so freaking late to watch it, I don't know really how I feel. I think it's so hard to do a finale. It seems like they are always a disappointed, like I remember feeling that way about Friends, ER, Everwood, Gilmore Girls. Maybe they can never really do it justice because we want it to keep going and going?

I kept telling Wade the whole time that the island was some sort of pergatory and it had something to do with these people not being able to die and pass on yet. But still, I have questions, but oh well.

(I scrapbooked while watching the whole time and didn't really pay that close attention because it's always been more Wade's show not mine)

Debbi said...

but I love this blogging thing from you:) Keep it going. I know FB is easy, but there is nothing like a fun blog post to read!!!

The Perry Family said...

ugh, blogger is acting up! i was saying that i know, i need to post more and i think i will post maybe tonight since all my pics are on computer at home. no one really reads my blog anymore though, but you and maury! but that's ok!! i can try and keep yall entertained! ha are you going to watch the bachelorette? i don't think that i am since i didn't really care for ally that much anyway, so i will probably pass. ha

Dena said...

....and, Dena reads my blog, too!!!

Crazy girl! Of course I check on you!! I haven't posted anything since like January! I'm a terrible blogger. I can't really do it at work, and I don't have Internet at home (I know...GASP!).

I didn't watch Lost, but was trying to watch the news last night at 10:00...and Lost was still on. I watched about the last 45 minutes of it, I guess. It was confusing to me. I kept yelling at Brian "who's that? what happened? why is he in that hole and why is there a light in there? I thought Evangeline (?) Lilly was on a plane that took off in flight, why is she able to see that Matthew Fox guy?" Of course, he didn't know either, because we've never watched it. But, it seemed like a really interesting series.

I loved your run-on sentence! Longest of all time!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is my first time ever blogging or commenting but I feel like I have to right now. Dissapointment doesnt even begin to describe how I feel. I have watched this show for years and spent hours developing theories with my friends and driving myself crazy. I guessd purgatory years ago but the writters said it was not right away. The finale and season 6 focused on the characters and not the answers. If the Island was real then how could they not explain to us how it was possible to time travel, or why the man in black turned into a smoke monster, why was there a polar bear in the first season, why can't women have children on that Island if they conceived on the Island, why could desmond see the future, and what was that light ETC ETC ETC Like I said cheated!!

The Perry Family said...

yay dena!! i'm so glad you commented and still keep looking out for me to post! :) how have you been? oh and those questions that you have are questions that we have that have watched it since the beginning, so don't feel bad!! it's definately worth watching though, so get the dvds!!

anonymous - I'm SOOO with you and your questions. The only answer that I DO have is that the polar bears were put on the island when the DHARMA Initiative was there and they put them there for experiments. As far as the smoke monster goes, I just know that the MIB went down where the light is and came back out as the smoke monster, other than that, I do not know....cuz, Desmond and Jack went down there and they didn't turn into monsters? also, supposedly, the island stuff was all real and they were all alive then, but this season's LA scenes were purgatory? I thought I might get some answers on Jimmy Kimmel Live lastnight, but didn't learn anything new. The directors/writers need to make a book or another show just to show the answers! ha

LOST truly explained said...

LOST was like this real sleezy guy who strings this girl along for 6 years, even giving her an engagement ring and then decides with no good reason, “Nevermind, I am not interested in marrying you anymore!” Isn’t this what the producers did?

For my people and I (who were TRUE, REALLY TRUE LOST fans) you felt really strung along and misled. It was just about th the finale!! The whole package can now be summed up as TERRIBLE!! If you really study the whole show and look back, LOST really took it’s terrible turn for the worse starting around season 5.

At first, we thought Season 5 was an epic season! But when you meditate on it now, you will realize that, Season 5 was when the show took a dive downhill! Season 5 decided to go another angle and in classic LOST fashion created more questions and issues that not only disconnected from Seasons 1-4 but that didn’t even fit with the original storyline. It became a jumbled mess that had 2 then 3 then 4 different themes.

Not only did you not have answers for like 100 questions but now in Season 5 you realized that the overall focus of the show was being shifted. I mean, was the goal to leave the island in Season 5? Was it to save the island? Was it to save the world? If they were all dead, then why were they candidates? Candidates for what? To save this “island?” They’re dead, they couldn’t save themselves. How can they save the island? Let me calm down, I feel rage coming on.

In total, did a brilliant research project that illustrates how bad this show was. Their research revealed that the total mysteries raised were 628, the ones ANSWERED were 351 and the UNANSWERED question count was: 277. Unbelievable! 277 questions unanswered questions sounds like really bad, terrible, incoherent writing! They tanked!

Let’s be real honest, the show was never about the characters, it was always about the mysteries. That is why the writers worked soooo hard to create those mysteries about Egypt, the numbers, Greeks, etc. Saying ‘It was about these characters who are lost” was a perfect copout from a bunch of producers/writers who went blank.

One of the producers was quoted as saying, “Well when you play with time travel it could be real tricky!” THEN DONT PLAY WITH IT THEN!

LOST’s only remaining fanbase will be those weirdos who say they were happy and satisfied with the LOST finale. I guarantee you that if these weirdos were to open up about their personal lives we would find them probably in a relationship with a male/female that has no point and brings them no real satisfaction! Because that what LOST was like!

The bottom line is that the LOST creators were great question creators (BRILLIANT)…but they were absolutely terrible question answerers. We gave them too much credit and they just were so unable to deliver. And that’s the truth Ruth!!

The Perry Family said...

I'm with you Lost truly explained! I understand where you are coming from. Wow! 277 unanswered questions! Makes sense why I'm still so bumfuzzled after all these months since the show ended. I, of course, bought season 6 to complete my dvd collection, but have not taken the celaphane (sp?) off of it. I still have the last episode on my DVR because one of these days, I thought I would calm down and re-watch it and maybe understand more about it. I'm still sooooo mad. I would have been happier if the island went chaotic and blowed the entire Earth up! At least there would have been some finality in it! Thanks for you post!! :)