Thursday, May 20, 2010

I {heart} LOST!!

My all time favorite show is coming to an end on Sunday, which happens to be my baby girl's 7th birthday! I have loved shows before, but not like this! It is the most amazing show ever written! I do have to say that I am still confused right now with what has been going on. It is nice to know some things, such as "The Man in Black" and Jacob are twin brothers, that Locke really is dead, that Faraday and Penny are brother and sister, etc. I am so confused by the whole light thing on the island. I'm still confused by how this could end in that I am wondering if the alternate timeline is what is really happening now since they are probably fixing to blow up the island and it will be as the island never existed, but what's up with the flashbacks that they are having of the island now in the alternate timeline? If Jack is the new Jacob, does he have to stay on the island? Are they all really dead? I don't know. Either way, the journey was fun and I hate to see it go!


Debbi said...

WOAH...I am sitting down and maybe so shocked I am in labor right now. Heather posted on her blog:) I LOVE it. Maybe there will be more now? (not that I'm very good either)

I am excited for lost too. can't wait to find out more, we have the same questions about jack. who knows.

The Perry Family said...

haha i knew you would fall out! i'm just so excited about lost, i had to post! ha

Maury said...

I have been enjoying your comments on my blog, and was excited to see you posted!

I have watched Lost all along, but have been frustrated the whole entire time. It really bothers me to not ever have any closure!! I am very afraid that I will be disappointed with the finale, but I will be watching it!!!

Week before last I was sad to see 3main characters least they died on the island...I guess they could still be alive in another time.

h said...

i know!! i cried about jin and sun! i love them! i don't like claire being all danielleish either. she looks like dookie with that hair and shoot em up attitude! ha i'm soooo worried i will be disappointed too b/c i do need some closure! ha i didn't start watching lost until last october and i started at the beginning and watched all the way through. i was done with it in december, so i was ready when season 6 came on. LOVE IT!