Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Better Days!

Ok, so now back into the swing of things.....

My grandmother's funeral was yesterday in St. Louis. Everyone got to go but me, but it was such short notice when everyone left, that I couldn't find a sitter in time to go and then I didn't want to travel by myself. Everyone said that the service was nice. My dad preached it and my brother read the obituary. She is not suffering so that is great. I will see her again someday, although hopefully not for a long time. Does that sound bad?

Anyway, off to more happy times. My bowling league on Tuesday nights is almost over for the year. Our last night to bowl is next Tuesday. We were in contention for first place, but after losing one game last night, there are about 4 teams in contention for first place. Keep your fingers crossed!! {Jenny - - I think we are bowling you next week!! Game on chicka! haha}

The Children's Place is having a gigantore sale online! It is like 50% off sale items. These are items I bought back in February for like $9.50 and $14.50 and are now $3.50 and up! That is the good thing and thanks Erica for pointing this out. The bad thing is that the website has been running super slow because they were having technical issues. (I found this out later) I placed my order and it was charged to my card, but TCP never received my order on their end. I call my bank and there is a hold on my card until May 13th for this transaction. WHAT??? I call TCP again and they say they are going to call my bank to get the hold taken off and for me to place my order again. It has been all day and I still haven't gotten my hold taken off and I'm sure my items are going to be sold out as quantities are limited. BLAH!

Advice Needed!! My precious little Lauren who is 4 (will be 5 in May) now has the habit of a phrase I can't stand..."I hate you!" What to do to get her to quit this? Every time she gets mad...(i.e. doesn't get her way) she tells me I'm mean and "I hate you!". This hurt my feelings the first 10 times she said it and she was told to never use the word hate ever again all 10 times. Now my feelings aren't hurt, but frustration has definitely set in! I have taken toys, sit in time out, had a spanking, told sternly...what else is there to do besides wash her mouth out with soap (which by the way doesn't work on her, she says it tastes like ice cream!)? Much to my embarrassment, her preschool teacher called me today and said that she told another teacher that she hated her at nap time. She doesn't like to take a nap, but it is the same thing everyday and has been that way since August...she knows the routine by now. Any advice?

Have a great day everyone!


RADstitches said...

I was going to say soap, but since that is not working... take things that she LOVES away from her! ANd when you do it let her know that you mean business with a zero tolerance... if it is something materialistic... thow it in the trash if need be to prove a point! Good luck!

Crystal said...

Sorry you couldn't make it to the funeral. I would have been heart broken.

With the Lauren situation, I don't have a lot of advice since I haven't experienced this first hand myself, but I can tell you what I read about another lady doing. She stripped her daughter's bedroom of EVERYTHING. Took the books off the shelves, clothes out of the drawers, pictures off the walls, etc. Once her daughter's behavior had changed, then she slowly started to give a few things back at a time. I think her little girl is about the same age as Lauren and she said it worked. Maybe that will help. Good luck bowling!

Debbi said...

OH, I am sorry about your grandmother and Lauren! I am sorry I haven't been commenting or reading the past few days and so I feel out of touch. hum...I don't know what I would do about that if Gage said that. I would cry first probably - does taking stuff away work, like Crystal said? We have to take away trains from Gage and he doesn't get them back until behavior improves. I don't know!?

Maury said...

I know what you mean about the TCP site being seems it is always like that when they have a sale, and then by the time it works, the stuff you want is out of quantity!

For Lauren, I was going to say the same thing that Crystal said. Let her know you really mean business!

Also, I have heard instead of soap to use mustard or hot sauce. I have never had to use those. The only time I have really used soap was whenever Noah was in preschool he started talking really ugly, and I got the tiniest bit of soap on my finger and stuck it on his tongue. I think I only had to do that once or twice and it broke him quick. But it doesn't work with the girls. Good luck, keep us updated on what works.