Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Afternoon Fun

Yesterday was so pretty outside. It was 72 degrees and breezy! I wish it was like that here ALL the time. Even Ringo liked the weather!

I took some pics outside. The kids were riding their bikes...they always want to ride on the carport. Please don't mind the junk in the background. One day, I will get it all thrown away. It's mostly stuff that is left over from yard sales! haha

Jackson was sad because he dropped his crackers.
Jackson and Lauren both got a Furby for Christmas two years ago. They have never played with them until Jackson found his buried under a bunch of other toys the other day. Now they talk to it all the time. I'm glad they are getting use out of it, but it is rather annoying to hear two kids hollering "furby do this and furby do that" while you are trying to watch Rachael Ray in the afternoon! haha (I dvr her everyday!) Anyway, they wanted to take some pics with Furby.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather and wish us luck tonight in bowling for 1st or 2nd place!!

OH!! And...I'm going to be a great aunt again! Baby Diesel is going to be a big brother around the end of December or the 1st of January!


Debbi said...

cute pictures! is that close together for diesel? how old is he now, it seems like he was just born! fun stuff though! babies are always great - and good luck bowling!

Maury said...

I hope you did well with your bowling! Looks like your kids were enjoying that weather....I love this time of year!(well, except for that pollen!)

Maury said...

Hey girl....wanted to check on ya...Been missing you!