Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I am kinda/sorta new to the whole scrapbooking thing and I am really fixing to get gung ho about it. I have had a ton of stuff just sitting in the corner in my bedroom just waiting on me to tackle it. I am going to give in to my urge and hopefully finally touch it TONIGHT! I found this book online and I am thinking of purchasing it this weekend. If anyone has seen this, I would love reviews!!


Debbi said...

oHOH! I love this book. I don't own it - for some reason scrapbook books are sooo overpriced to me. Anyhow I got it at the library here and I have checked it out numerous times. If you want to know how to do anything it's got anwsers. Most of my inspriation comes from magazines though - I love the simple scrapbooks one that I sent in the book swap. I also get Creating Keepsakes, but it's getting really elabrorate for my taste lately. Good luck - I wish we lived close so we could do it together!!!

Debbi said...

you can take free online classes here -